5 Signs Your Website Is Boring - RisingWings

It is important to know how others see your website and the answer to the question: “How do I know my website is boring”. We know how important it is to have entertained users because if they aren’t they won’t be staying there long and they won’t be returning. However, it is important to have them coming back because this means that you will be making more sales and your website will be more profitable.

One of the key things to do to prevent this is to have a good website design and development company. In order to do so, you need to look at lists similar to the top 10 web development company in USA. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to overpay, in fact, you can get cheap website development service and still get the quality and results you expect.

Nobody can afford having a boring website which is why we have compiled a list containing the 5 most important signs that your website is boring


We all remember things and notice things by seeing an image. After all, we are visual creatures. This is why having enough images on a website will make sure that you keep your visitors interested and that you will have their attention. Make sure that you are using good images with proper size in order to have satisfied and entertained visitors.


As said before, images keep people interested while having chunks of text which isn’t broken makes visitors tired. In order to not have homogenous webpage with a lot of text, you can easily break the text with images. Also, if your webpage looks badly-designed, it is probably because of the chunks of text. Make sure that you hit Enter and that you have smaller paragraphs – this gives the impression that you have good content and that you care for the aesthetics of your page.


The most dangerous sign you should never ignore is the high bounce of rates. If a lot of visitors come to your website, see it and leave – it can be devastating. Especially if most of them leave after seeing only one page because your reputation online might be ruined. The bounce rates are the percentage of visitors who exited your webpage after seeing one page. So, if these are high, it means that you don’t leave a good first impression.


This is a very important clue you should take into consideration. If people spend little time on your page it means that it is boring. This is a sign you should probably do something about it before it all goes downhill and you are left with no visitors.


When it comes to getting the business online, landing pages are great. However, if you use it on a long run, all you can include is the limited amount of content. For visitors, this means that your web page is boring. This is why you must have a transition to a full website after the landing page.